Repair Your Gut & Boost Your Metabolism

Repair your gut so you can start feeling vital and balanced, get off the rollercoaster of peri/menopause.

A complete step by step program showing you how to heal, seal and repair your gut.


Designed to take you by the hand to help you heal your gut. No missing steps, no confusion. 

This program is the quickest and most effective way to go from feeling bloated, puffy, tired and flat to managing perimenopause gracefully!


Are you female over the age of 35 and have 3 or more of the following symptoms:

✓ Hot Flushes

✓ Weight gain without changes to your diet or lifestyle

✓ Heavy periods

✓ Longer or shorter periods

✓ Swollen lumpy breasts

✓ Increased pain or cramping during periods waking you during the night

✓ Night sweats

✓ New headaches or migraines

✓ Mood swings, depression and/or feeling low

During the course, I’ll show you how to heal, seal and repair your gut so you can start feeling vibrant, healthy and energised.

Say goodbye to most of those symptoms often related to peri/menopause.

Supported intermittent fasting is hands-down the most EFFECTIVE and FASTEST way to fix your gut health and is the first step to getting off the rollercoaster of peri/menopause.


This program is for you if you:

♡ wake up in the morning feeling exhausted (& don't feel like you can ask for help)

♡ feel puffy, overweight or avoid activities where you need to show your body (and are sick of feeling ashamed)

♡ have invested in all the self help / counselling / healthy programs / doctors and feel like you haven't found any solutions yet or have been told "it's just your age"

This program is not for you if:

♡ You're under 30 years old 

♡ You have complex existing health issues - please book an initial personal consultation if you are in this category

In this program you’ll:

♡ Learn what to eat and when to properly heal, seal and repair your gut

♡ How to do a supported intermittent fast without awful detox symptoms

♡ Why fasting hasn’t worked for you in the past (and what you can do instead)

 ♡ Get the accountability, food diaries and support you need to stick to the program


♡ Feel comfortable in your own skin again

♡ Decreased puffiness

♡ Decreased bloating

 ♡ Improved mood

♡ Decreased pain

♡ Improved digestion

♡ Decreased anxiety and overwhelm

♡ Increased energy

♡ Improved sleep

 ♡ Decreased brain fog

♡ Improved metabolism

♡ Decreased inflammation

Why you can NO LONGER AFFORD to ignore your gut health

💡 80% of your immunity comes from your gut

💡 Poor gut health causes a huge rise in inflammation in the body, making your perimenopause symptoms worse

💡 Your gut is the greatest contributing factor to your brain and overall health 

Fortunately, the cells in your gut turn over quickly, which is why this program is designed to support you over 30 days (4 weeks).

By following this program you will heal, seal and repair your gut so you can start feeling as great as you did in your 30’s again!

You get:





✓ FOOD & LIFESTYLE DIARIES - Valued at $197


That’s $5383 worth of value!

Join today for $2,800


About Dr Kirstey Holland

I am a trauma-informed health coach and practitioner who holds space for and helps women over 35 to heal, seal and repair their gut, rebalance their hormones and rescue their metabolic health so they can be their best and most vibrant
selves again.

I have been in clinical practice since 2000 and have studied and worked alongside some of the best health practitioners from around the world – always looking at how to live in a beautifully balanced way that allows my patients to feel comfortable in their own skin.

I look forward to sharing my knowledge and experience so that you live through peri/menopause with ease and grace.