Let's Talk Peri/menopause with Dr Kirstey Holland

Monday 12th June 7pm AEST

Discover the magic of peri/menopause: Join our regular free chats and embrace your journey with confidence and grace

Attention all perimenopausal women: It's time to come together and empower one another! Our dynamic community service chat's are designed to help you navigate the perplexing world of perimenopause and transform your experience into a magical journey.

Here's what you can expect from our free CHATs:

✶ Gain clarity on confusing topics and find solutions together in a supportive community

✶ Learn to maintain brain power, cognitive brightness, and stay engaged in the conversation

✶ Embrace a healthy lifestyle, focusing on strong bones, a vibrant heart, a sharp mind, and a loving spirit

✶ Build a network of support, including families, friends, and loved ones, for a graceful perimenopause experience

✶ Enjoy a comfortable and confident journey, feeling at home in your own skin and striving for vitality

We'll discuss research-based solutions for perimenopause symptoms and provide valuable resources, like weekly menu plans or delicious recipes.

Take control of your perimenopause journey and embrace the magic within.

Start living your best life – feeling vital, strong, and supported. See you there!

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