Rescuing You From The Rollercoaster Of Peri/menopause is 3 part process:

1) Repair your gut, immunity & your metabolism

2) Rebalance your hormones & balance your life

3) Reclaim your metabolic health & prevent chronic disease now and in the future

Become your most vibrant, vital self during peri/menopause & thrive throughout this phase and beyond sustainably.

The Holland Clinic's Peri/menopausal Protocol is evidence based and works for real women

Join us at The Holland Clinic Academy for supportive, informative and practical guidance, and experience a real-life sustainable health transformation. You'll receive safe, effective, natural, evidence-based lifestyle strategies and supplementation, health coaching and the support from a peri/menopausal Dr that really gets it and knows how to help.

You deserve to be the best version of you. 

You deserve to live in a body you love, feel free and confident, look vibrant and move through each stage and season of your life gracefully and with ease.

If you have lost faith in your body this is the program for you.

Your body can heal and support you in the way you deserve, it just needs the right support.

You deserve to feel comfortable in your own skin, without calorie counting or crash diets.

You deserve to be empowered and to understand that your lived experience and trauma impact your health. 

Your health is about your relationships: with your nutrition, with your lifestyle, with your full self: body, mind and soul.



In this program, you will become a master of your health journey.

I'll show you a sustainable way to thrive, now and into the future.

You will heal, seal and repair your gut to feel vibrant, healthy and energised.

You will increase your metabolism.

You will balance your hormones and experience life in peri/menopause so much more easily and gracefully.

Your body will become metabolically flexible.

You will significantly reduce your risk of chronic disease now and in later years.

You will reclaim your sparkle.

Life is easier when your biochemistry is supporting you and working with you, not against you.


"My aim is to create a community of vital transitioning women who can transform from this rollercoaster of peri/menopause into a beautiful, calm, peaceful, vital magic menopause, who can prevent chronic disease now and in the future, and have a functional pain free final decade."

Dr Holland

What do you want the rest of your life to look like?

I want mine to be one of independence, where I am functional and pain free.

I want to enjoy my life right up until my final days.

I would love this for you too.

Who's with me?

I hold space for and help women over 35 to heal, seal and repair their gut, rebalance their hormones and balance their lives, rescue their metabolic health and prevent chronic disease now and in the future so they can be their best and most vibrant self again.

As a doctor, I want women to enjoy good physical and mental health until their last day.

As a coach, I am building a community of vital women.

Hi, my name is Dr Kirstey Holland

This program is built on my experience of coaching and healing women for more than 20 years in clinical practice. I apply a unique set of skills and qualifications to benefit YOUR LONG TERM HEALTH and WELLBEING.

▪︎ Trauma-informed Life/Health Coach

▪︎ Oriental Medical Doctor

▪︎ Practitioner of Environmental and Nutritional Medicine

▪︎ Registered Dr of Traditional Chinese Medicine

▪︎ Acupuncturist

▪︎ Herbalist

▪︎ Practitioner of Functional Integrative Medicine

▪︎ Bachelor of Health Sciences

▪︎ Bachelor of Traditional Chinese Medicine (Acupuncture & Chinese Herbalism)

▪︎ Accredited Provider of Chinese Herbalism and Acupuncture

▪︎ Naturopath

I work with women who feel their lives are out of balance from struggling with health and ageing challenges that diminish their joy and vitality. Suffering from gut disorders, pain, anxiety, stress, confidence issues, sleep problems, overwhelm, emotional disconnect, burn out and so much more.


Our program will not only guide and teach you, it will create breakthroughs.

The focus is on micro changes that are simple, sustainable, pragmatic, and specifically and designed for you.

Together we will change how you experience yourself, your health, your relationships for the better.

Dr Holland will coach you through the complexity of your biochemistry and physiology and will help you to implement simple but powerful micro changes that will increase your vitality now and sustain you in your future.

You will create your own individual program with my expertise and support.

Go from student to master of your health journey.

Let’s grow you some wings!


We start by naming the symptoms and investigating each undesirable condition.

Functional medicine establishes the root cause of a disease and treats it from the inside out.

We investigate all concerns with the best possible testing available.

You will gain a deep understanding of the triggers for your symptoms, and you will implement micro changes right from the beginning of the program to support a pain free, graceful vitality.


As an outcomes focused clinician and coach, Dr Holland emphasises compliance with the program, which quickly enables you to:


✓ Feel comfortable in your own skin

✓ Decrease puffiness

✓ Decrease bloating

✓ Support digestion

✓ Improve metabolism

✓ Improve mood

✓ Decrease inflammation

✓ Gentle detox

✓ Support better hormonal health

✓ Decrease pain

✓ Improve digestion

✓ Increase metabolic health

✓ Increase energy

✓ Decrease brain fog

✓ Improve sleep

✓ Decrease anxiety and overwhelm

✓ Banish hot flushes

✓ Shed excess weight

Having coached and transformed women for over twenty years, Dr Holland knows what needs to be done in order to get results.

You will feel so much better, look so much better and be so much more empowered.

How does this program differ from others

If there is a change you are wanting to make, upon completion of this program you will be able to do almost anything you set your mind to. It is so much easier to implement changes from a place of biochemical abundance and vitality.

Most health conditions are thoroughly researched and well-trained public healthcare professionals understand how to help patients who come to them for treatment.


However, the science of women’s health and specifically the transition through peri/menopause remains inadequately understood or supported by general practitioners and common specialists.

The AIA (health insurance) stated in 2022
Perimenopausal and menopausal females make up approximately 40 percent of all health care visits in Australia. 

There can be a lack of understanding about the symptoms of menopause, which are often diagnosed as predominately mental health-related and therefore not managed optimally.

That’s why Dr Holland and her team approach client care differently.

A message from Dr Holland:

I am 47 in July this year and in peri/menopause too. I live and breathe this work and it brings me so much joy. I can't wait to share all that I have learned and taught over the last 22 years with you to ensure you have access to the vitality you deserve too.


▪︎ 22 years clinical experience,

▪︎ Unique set of complimentary qualifications and practiced skills,

▪︎ Hormone testing and analysis,

▪︎ Precision functional prescriptions,

▪︎ In-house cutting-edge dispensary,

▪︎ Ancient wisdom of healing and lifelong guidance.

We are coaching real, everyday women through significant health transformations.


You will gain authority over your health and wellbeing.

In your relationships with others your newfound wellbeing will create so much positivity. Imagine what a rested, calm mind and pain free body can do for your relationship with your children, your partner, your parents, your friends, your business partners, customers and co-workers!

I love my health and how it allows me to embrace and enjoy my life, my family, my partner, my hobbies and friends.

I want to share this experience with you. I want to guide, support and inform you, every step of the way. I will coach you through the dozen physiological topics that dominate your female health.


No stone remains unturned.

Following the program, you will have a deep understanding of how to manage every aspect of your health and wellbeing. You will know how to step off and stay off the rollercoaster of peri/menopause.

You will know how to pay attention to yourself.

The self-awareness you will gain regarding your body, mind and mood will become your early warning system.

You will have the knowledge and tools at hand to undertake ongoing health maintenance and monitoring:

=> reach for The Holland Clinic diaries


=> capture your health data


=> easiest, most actionable fact finding

If you need a little support with an of the following

Let's take action

♡ If your mood is low

♡ If you have dry eyes, ears, nose & vagina

♡ If anxiety is taking over and feeling calm is a distant memory

♡ If your tummy bloats, your confidence takes a hit

♡ If your bowel motions and gut are unpredictable

♡ If you have hot flushes, you’re so uncomfortable

♡ If your body composition is out, you don’t feel comfortable in your own skin


A comprehensive transformation program taught in a three part curriculum over 6 months.

Safe, effective, natural, evidence-based lifestyle strategies and supplementation, rescuing you from the rollercoaster of Peri/menopause


Discover the breakthroughs possible in your personal health journey.

Learn to apply Dr Holland’s formula for women’s health, vitality and longevity to your own life. 

You'll discover and implement breakthroughs via a dual system of coaching and medical advice, based on clinically proven methods.

This responsive and unique program delivers breakthrough after breakthrough for your health and wellbeing.

▪︎ Three part curriculum delivered over 6 months

An admission: 

traditional marketing suggests to assign a price and value to all inclusions in the program. Where we have individual prices at the clinic, we happily list them below for you. Excitingly though, the online coaching program allows us to offer an unmatched combination and richness of content, guidance, and transformation. The whole is so much greater than the sum of its parts.Above and beyond the listed inclusions you will experience value unique to your needs, wants and circumstances. You’ll be a better judge than anyone to make that call.

▪︎ 1:1 In Depth Initial Consultation with Dr Holland (Value AUD$495)

Suggested Testing:

▪︎ Live intimate group consultation twice a month with Dr Holland, with extensive Q & A (Value 12 x AUD$395)

▪︎ Direct unlimited support from Dr Holland (M-F 9-5 AEDT) via our clinic App (Value AUD$1000)

▪︎ Foundational Gut Peri/menopause Prescription (Value AUD$495)

▪︎ A foundational individualised precision medicine prescription (Value AUD$495)

▪︎ Unlimited prescription reviews via our app

▪︎ DUTCH test kit (Value AUD$399)

▪︎ 1:1 In Depth DUTCH test result consultation with Dr Holland (Value AUD$495)

▪︎ DUTCH test informed individualised precision medicine prescription (Value AUD$495)

▪︎ Unlimited DUTCH test prescription reviews via our app

▪︎ Welcome box (Value AUD$400)

▪︎ The Holland Clinic Foundational Food Protocols and training with audio recordings (Value AUD$395)

▪︎ The Holland Clinic Foundational Intermittent Fasting Guidelines and training with audio recordings (Value AUD$395 x 3)

▪︎ The Holland Clinic Foundational Ketogenic Beverage Recipes and training with audio recordings (Value AUD$395)

▪︎ The Holland Clinic Food, Pain and Lifestyle Diaries and training with audio recordings (Value AUD$395)

▪︎ All virtual engagements are recorded. Indexed video / audio / transcripts are provided, catering for all learning styles

▪︎ Comprehensive workbook with goal setting and so much more

▪︎ Goddess Oracle Card reading

▪︎ Clear personalised road map (priceless)

▪︎ Emotionally mature community to support you on our path

▪︎ VIP Members Only Facebook group access (priceless)

▪︎ All questions answered

▪︎ Referrals to relevant industry professionals as needed

▪︎ Our Program is the foundational gateway that connects you to an ongoing sustainable dynamic personalised VIP care journey with Dr Holland



We are currently offering the first step of this program, "Repair Your Gut, Your Immunity & Your Metabolism" as a stand-alone program. See the results before commiting to the full program!


Repair your gut so you can start feeling vital and balanced, get off the rollercoaster of peri/menopause.

Designed to take you by the hand to help you heal your gut.

No missing steps, no confusion. 

This program is the quickest and most effective way to go from feeling bloated, puffy, tired and flat to managing peri/menopause gracefully!

During this program, I’ll show you how to repair your gut and increase your metabolism so you can start feeling vibrant, healthy and energised.

Supported intermittent fasting is hands-down the most EFFECTIVE and FASTEST way to fix your gut health and is the first step to getting off the rollercoaster of peri/menopause.

The Repair Your Gut program is for you if you:

♡ wake up in the morning feeling exhausted (& don't feel like you can ask for help)

♡ feel puffy, overweight or avoid activities where you need to show your body (and are sick of feeling ashamed) ♡ have invested in all the self help / counselling / healthy programs / doctors and feel like you haven't found any solutions yet or have been told "it's just your age"

In this program you’ll:

♡ Learn what and when to eat to properly repair your gut

♡ How to do a supported intermittent fast without awful detox symptoms 

♡ Why fasting hasn’t worked for you in the past (and what you can do instead)

 ♡ Get the accountability, food diaries and support you need to stick to the program

Repair Your Gut, Immunity & Metabolism Program

Gut Reset Digital Program

The Holland Clinic Wellness Food Protocol

The Holland Clinic Intermittent Fasting Guidelines

Ketogenic Beverage Recipes

Food & Lifestyle Diaries

Go-To Gut Peri/menopause Prescription

Fortnightly Live Training Sessions with Q & A time with Dr Holland over 2 months

12 months access to all training & recordings


Rescuing YOU From The Rollercoaster of Peri/menopause Program

Gut Reset Digital Program

The Holland Clinic Wellness Food Protocol

The Holland Clinic Intermittent Fasting Guidelines

Ketogenic Beverage Recipes

Food & Lifestyle Diaries

Go-----To Gut Peri/menopause Prescription

The Holland Clinic Treatment Food Protocol

The Holland Clinic Heal Seal Repair Food Protocol

12 Fortnightly Live Training Sessions with Q & A time with Dr Holland over 6 months

Initial Consultation With Dr Holland

Individualized Precision Prescription

Full suggested Blood Work


DUTCH Test Follow Up Consultation with individualised prescription and treatment plan

Direct unlimited support from Dr Holland via our clinic app

Emergency Review Consultations As Needed

Welcome Pack

Conclusion Consultation Setting You Up Sustainably

12 months access to all training & recordings

Unsure which option is right for you?

Book a clarity call with Dr Holland here so that you can make an informed decision for your future health.